Microsoft Azure Canada +50 Regions

With data centres in Canada (Canada Central and Canada East) we are able to provide web applications hosted within the domestic market space backed by the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service. Our initial experience has proved positive after migrating several web applications to the Azure service which

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N3YJXSg5-4o Very good video about surface pro 4 and surface book 4 announcements. After having used the pro 4 for a few weeks I can tell you it is money well spent and it’s integration with your smartphone is just great. (image) (image) (image) (image) T

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Cloud Servers

We are all familiar with the hosting account where we can upload and provide our website for public presentation. Typically the hosting account is oriented to the not so technically minded person who wants a simple management approach to their internet needs. In this scenario you pay for your usage

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CapeTown Computing Track Record

Range of Industries The company has worked in the Systems Development and Infrastructure market space within such industries as Insurance and Reinsurance, Banking, Law, Chain Retail, General Inventory, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Process Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Logisti

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Optimized Google Search

Once you have your website running you need to look address an important question. What do the search engines think about my website? Specifically google. How a website looks to us and how it looks to a search engine like google are very different things. WMT seems to be the short form for webmas

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10+ year systems

CapeTown systems find their engagement run times with customers reaching and exceeding the decade mark and in some cases twice that. This is in strong recognition of a working concept of systems that work. The longevity of their use is what makes them stand out across an almost 30 year working peri

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Wellness and Entertainment Management System

The ECMS System a system for turn-key wellness operations and entertainment facilities Entertainment Centre Management System (ECMS). When we set out to design the ECMS system it was originally with the vision of replacing analog/digital time clock device equipment with a computer and program

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Entertainment and Wellness Centres - ECMS

Frederick Mall Billiards in Kitchener Ontario, the latest purchaser of the ECMS Program by CMG Entertainment provides an example of where a long standing good business relationship where our timekeeping point of sale application can be used for running an entertainment or wellness establishment. Wi

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Art of Commerce™

The Art of Commerce™ Inventory Management System Art of Commerce™ is the featured system product of our X-Chain Inventory platform. It represents the ability to manage complex merchandise and materials inventory supply chain and order fulfillment requirements that span the web, wholesale, re

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Web and Workflow Software

CAPETOWN COMPUTING is Web and Workflow and Inventory Management, Materials and Merchandise Management, Logistics and Transportation and more with a high performing web software platform that handles high transaction loads and a large user capacity that can handle serious volumes, we are your franch

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