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Web and Workflow Software

CAPETOWN COMPUTING is Web and Workflow and Inventory Management, Materials and Merchandise Management, Logistics and Transportation and more with a high performing web software platform that handles high transaction loads and a large user capacity that can handle serious volumes, we are your franchise or chain based choice for a software system.

We took the same steps in the creation of our web and workflow platform that we did with our inventory and logistics based systems so that we could deliver a high performing, quality product that was elegant, cost effective and simple to use. We have had customers using our systems for 10+ years, which stretches out there investment across a long period of time and allows them to interface with other business areas and different systems. We can do this because we write and support our systems, get intimately involved with the customers needs and requirements and go the extra mile in the support of what the customer is all about.

This has been of tremendous benefit in the development of our systems to the point where we were able to determine an effective pricing model that would allow for the small and large company to benefit from our products. Today we have set pricing on all of our product platforms that you can see on our website in the Pricing Section of the system you are interested in. Our goal was to create a level of transparency when dealing with a new customer.

We couple that with a website that allows customers to become part of the project workflow for their system. This makes the entire body of work completely transparent and available to the customer and shows the value we are providing in the process. This also provides us with the unique capacity to handle special circumstances and needs when they arise.

The Imageion™ Web and Workflow System is very much about creating an environment that expects the unexpected and organize a diverse collection of information into a concise presentation.

The Web and Workflow system is about getting going with that new customer and encapsulating the existing customer in an ongoing relationship. It allows you to view the entire history of a business relationship like you would a subject section in a bookstore, with bookends that provide you with a way to get to the subject matter you need to address. We like the distinct ability to deliver something to the customer that may be a considerable way down the road from where they presently are at and it’s ability to move across industries with relative ease.

It is really important to make your web presentation attractive to the new and existing customer and it is equally important that you provide those customers with the ability to do something tangible for their side of the relationship.

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