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SEO Service at Godaddy.com - Get a handle on your investment.

SEO Audit Functionality

In an attempt to get a better handle on our Search Engine Optimization efforts we purchased the SEO service from Godaddy.com. At 27.00 for a one year subscription it provided a great way to audit our existing efforts, items to add to our to-do list of improvements and a way to get a fresh perspective of all the thing SEO, those we thought we were doing properly and the those we knew needed attention. It provided a comprehensive analysis of our website broken down into workable sections such as page description, title, keyword and content analysis.

The audit report provides the much needed unbiased perspective that is necessary to get the internals of your site and its find-ability at the same level as the appearance of your site. We all want a site that looks great and we can gauge that by looking at it, having our friends and associates look at it. Having the internals of your site reviewed by such a service is the same thing as that, except that it looks at your site the way that  Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing see your site, from the inside.

SEO Sitemap Generation

The service includes a sitemap generation utility that is an integral step in the process of search engine optimization. A necessary item for submission of your site to the Search Engines crawling engines that will use it to review what you have to offer on the web. The information is compiled into their giant index that is used to give people results when searching for people, places and things. This is not a secret, the search engines want you to do this and they reward you for it by giving you placement in the organic search results, the ones in white that don’t say sponsored or paid for advertising. Paid for advertising or adword/keyword advertising is integral to your success on the web but it is also no replacement for not taking advantage of the things that can make you part of the natural selection process. In short, it is important to pay attention to both of these things and why not? being part of the natural selection process is as important as being in the right place at the right time. The service provides a way to build keywords based on the content of your site, if that does not match the keyword list in your head, you have to rework your site to match the keywords that you think are relevant to where you want to be.

Checking in on your investment

I hear the same story over and over, we had our website done and it looks ok and we were promised lots of things about having a website and still aren’t getting what we were hoping for. Anyone who promises you results, is not telling you the truth about an investment in a website, it is really no different than the investment you make in anything else, it either works for you or it does not, in many cases though, not having a website just makes your offering worth less than the competition that does. In any regard a simple audit report on your website is more valuable than any advice I or anyone else can give you since it spells things out pretty clearly and gives you things to do or have done for you that will make your investment worth more.

Things the SEO Service will not do for you

Simple SEO services will not do the legwork of sitemap submission for you. They will tell you where you need to go and what is available to you. They will not do any of it for you other than getting a sitemap file ready for you based on what it finds on your sitemap, so be prepared to get on the Search Engine webmaster tools and put in the work to get your site authorized for ownership and then submit your sitemap. It will not correct your website for you either, you will need to do that part or have someone do it for you. The service provides a way to check the sites contents from an SEO perspective at any given point in time. Be prepared to do some online legwork here.

In closing, you won’t find a better tool at the price to get the pulse of the internal SEO aspects of your website. Here is the link http://www.godaddy.com