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Games Workshop

Games Workshop, along with Trisi Sales and Your Expression became our first Art of Commerce clients.

Games Workshop Canada represented a Enterprise Commerce installation that involved retail stores, wholesale trade sales, tele-sales, mail-order and web orders that were integrated into a central Canadian Warehouse facility with a 2500 item inventory.

Games Workshop designs and manufactures its own product line based on the Games Workshop story line games and character races.

CapeTown systems accounted for Canadian retail, trade sales, mail order sales and head office administrative support for Games Workshop, a customer since 1995 through to 2003. In addition to providing head office support for day to day business merchandising and warehouse operations, support for IBM Retail Equipment at the store front was also provided along with database integration of retail store sales and inventory management. Games Workshop Canada represented the Canadian arm of the global United Kingdom based company and with the alliance with Lord of the Rings popularity, the group reported sales of £136,650,000 sterling in 2005 and employed 3200 at its standing peak at that time.