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Entertainment Center Management System


The ECMS, Entertainment Center Management System provides for an all encompassing management system for businesses in the entertainment center industry such as billiard and karaoke, golf centers, restaurant and bar and newly emerging businesses within this sector such as personal care, tanning, fitness and spa services.

Businesses with a time keeping and charge for time requirement, power control to room and device management and membership, space rental requirements in addition to the standard features typical of a food and beverage establishment can make use of the ECMS System. The personal professional services industry is also a newly emerging industry with charge for time requirements based upon new consumer demand for such things as spa, beauty and personal care and upkeep services such as tanning and other such treatment services where facilities are charged based on customer use or purchased in advance in blocks and taken down across a period of time.

The key to the success of the ECMS System is in our ability to provide for extremely simple use, fast transaction completion, separation of management setup versus employee usage of the system and power and lighting control for assurance of computer booking of the facilities amenities, such as lights above a table, power to a room, power to a tanning bed and so on.

Although it can be envisioned that an employee free environment can be accomplished with the ECMS System, it was actually developed with the concept of a management free environment whereby management personnel could effectively manage multiple locations with minimal staff.

Entertainment Center Management System
Entertainment Center Management System