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Web and Workflow, Integration of the work and web user

CapeTown Computing


Web and Workflow is the integration of web applications and backend processing workflow applications that provide for business relationships and transactions to be maintained on an open platform such as an Internet Web Site.

The primary objective of a web and workflow system is to integrate the communication, documentation and resources involved in a business transaction into a congruent picture that provides access to all parties involved in a given enterprise with scopes that are appropriate to their position with that organization.

This involves, transaction documentation images that support line transaction items, data consumption requirements of customers, business partners and relevant internal resources and bookend requirements for management and executives that montitor the overall process.

From a systems perspective, this involves, Web Interfaces, Workflow Applications, Maintenance Applications and Analysis Interfaces.

Our Vision
CapeTown Computing has been developing systems for all manner and size of company for over 22 years. In 1998/1999 the company began the process of developing a comprehensive suite of business applications that would provide for two very important initiatives; to capture the essence of the experience and technologies of the work and systems developed for over a decade of time, and to create an architecture that would encapsulate the works which were to come.

The Art of Commerce™ and Imageion™ suites are the products of that effort.

Our goal today is to add value to your business or organization with our systems and the fusion of your vision and our vision.

Appliance Level Solutions
We strive towards the ability to provide our systems on an appliance level basis whereby the configuration of the system is done in minimal time and the benefit to your customer is immediate. Delivering our systems on a server appliance complete with pre-configured options is our goal for the small to medium enterprise and those enterprises with distributed computing requirements.

Web and Workflow
Web and Workflow